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Mary Duncan, Director, Paris Writers Press 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

“Travel with Jeremy Braddock on his search and discovery of life and love – fueled with women, devoted friends and spiritual Masters.


This provocative novel takes us where we want to go and provides the spiritual insights to create our own path to the God within. A must read for those who are still questing, stumbling and seeking answers to why we exist.”

 Heide Banks: A beautiful story of love 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

A beautiful story of love, commitment and courage that leaves you feeling good about life and living with an open heart. Softly the author takes you on a vulnerable journey that ultimately has you cheering for a life well lived and the guidance you as a reader you received along the way.

Simon Tam: I have read this book three times already. Now … 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

I have read this book three times already. Now I am reading it the fourth time.

What kind of a book deserves my reading, again and again?


I have spent the bulk of my life pursuing an academic/entrepreneurial career, and my reading seldom venture beyond the confines of my professional interest So my initial expectation on this book was a casual one, purely for a switch of mind.. But after a few pages I found myself unable to put it down. I had to finish the book in one seating, around the clock. I was struck by the intensity of the quest, the beauty of the language, and David’s virtuosity in his command of conceptual tools to navigate our internal universe.


One week later the message of the book began to sink in and took on a deeper connection to my life. For years I have been trying to build a new theory to understand the patterns of business success, But I have come to realize that my whole theoretical structure has to be based on a big assumption. I have to assume the source of entrepreneurial originality to be coming from outside my conceptual system. So for some time I know that I need to conduct a second quest. I need to find ways to uncover the inner fountain of creativity. But I got stuck. Most books are too superficial to guide me into that space. That is when on reflection I suddenly realize that David’s book could become the companion of my exploration that I have long been searching for. I have yet to find another author who dare to dive so deeply into our uncharted inner space, who is endowed with a unparallelled introspective capability suited for the task, who is willingness to reveal his discoveries with such honesty, and could do it with such expressive power. My hunch has been richly rewarded. My second reading has led me into my inner space, have given me the language to explore my inner space, and let me found my inner space.


David’s achievement has intrigued me so much that I began establishing parallel routines of exploration. I found myself hungry. I found myself frequenting galleries, attending art exhibitions, reading poetry, enjoying novels, dwelling into deep dialogues, seizing opportunities to getting myself exposed to multiple expressions of introspective exploration. To aid this exploration I now use David book in the third way: as a constant reference and a benchmark of what is achievable in our inner quest. It has become a tool for my ongoing enrichment of my inner self. It has becoming the backbone on top of which I cross weave my ever expanding awareness of my inner universe.


My fourth reading is going to be more ambitious. David’s book will become a source of inspiration for me to become a more holistic creator, combining my reasoning with my emotional faculties. I began my exploration to understand the nature, the source and the expression of originality. My different readings of David book has so far given me signposts to an ever expanding emotional horizon, in the course of doing that I have become a much more “feeling courageous”: person: dare to feel, dare to express, dare to construct paths into the uncharted inner space. So there is yet another level that I could learn from David: to create with heart, to create with mind, to create at will, and in the company of the masters while creating.


What a book to have!!!

 Bianca Whitelighter: A wild journey of the soul 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

I love this book as it threads elegantly and deeply between inner and outer realities. Giving voice to things we don’t even want to acknowledge we think. It’s courageous, poetic and bold. Speaking of our yearning to be loved in this world and the next. It’s a exploration of how the wisdom of age old voices are still relevant to our lives today. And that when we listen with our heart and choose wisely our life does indeed teach us. Jumping from wild encounters with a sangoma in Africa to a socialite party in LA, David mixes up the pace so you really don’t know what is going to happen next, all the while being lead by his inner voices. My best bits were the spiritual inner reflections. Recommended for any seeker starting their inner journey or a seasoned sage looking for a soul traveler to walk with for a while. It’s a interesting and intimate ride. I usually read non-fiction books about spirituality so this was a nice change of perspective.

 Hemma: Absolutely stunning 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

It would be an understatement to simply write that this author is one of the most talented, inspirational, poetic writers I have come across in recent years. His writing style is captivating, heart-felt, romantic and so much more. This is an absolute ‘must buy’. I have been left ‘wanting more’! Waiting with baited breath for this author’s next novel…

Anastasia Lecatsas: Tantalizing! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

Are you ready for an exhilarating dose of globe-trotting, accompanied by an electric mix of tantalizing tales? Do you want to be swept away in a dreamlike state, saturated with poetic words? I was hooked, so much so, I got lost for 12 straight hours! Need I say more? Grab a copy, (and don’t forget, to come back to earth!)

Maziana Mahat: Amazing! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

A book filled with adventure, love and inspiration… Writer has done a great job in making every chapter exciting and in every one of it lies a meaningful truth about life. What is important is that, I could relate to the book which makes it even more interesting… Definitely a recommended book!

 Jeff: A roadmap for the soul!!! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

A poetic tapestry of one man’s journey to discover the gift of beauty and spiritual promise that lies within each of us. This is the best book of the summer. A roadmap for the soul to follow!

M. Innes “Meerabel”: A wise and poignant read 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

This book came as such a pleasant surprise – aside from being highly readable, its theme resonated with me in a way that I didn’t expect. So many of the insights shared in the book hit home and gave me clarity that had in many instances eluded me. Worth reading for the wisdom alone, but it’s also a lovely story about a journey – one that we must all go through at some time.

Bi Hui: Tastefully written book about love and life  5 Star Amazon Rating 150

An elegantly written debut book about finding one’s worth in the world, not through others but oneself. With each chapter, it not only introduces adventure by bringing readers to different countries but also provides readers with deep and inspiring life’s takeaways from simple experiences. This would be a go-to book for one who is either in search of their higher self or finding a sanctuary to recharging one’s life. Looking forward to the next book from the writer!

Brandi M. Schott: David Scotts intricate writing reaches your inner soul and gives you the inner peace that we all truly desire  5 Star Amazon Rating 150

This prophetic journey that David Scott has transpired into a book of art has left me truly breathless. He invites us in to the mind, spirit and deepest inner soul of Jeremy. Through his intricate writing i found myself plunging into Jeremys journey of finding his purpose ….his perfect ending. I can completely relate to his mission to find the answers to ones reason for existence and more importantly ones meaning of true love.
It has helped give me such insight as i myself am beginning a new journey in life. Trying to find my inner peace, love and higher power.
No matter what religion you believe in this book will help you see we are all one searching for the meaning of love and life. With saying that it will give us the common ground so our world no longer has separation but will be a world where we are one.

Stevie: To say I thoroughly enjoyed this book is an understatement 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

To say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book is an understatement. It is a must read for anyone who is seeking a higher truer meaning in life. David Scott is candid, courageous, and inspirational. His talent and loving heart shine through in this beautifully and poetically written book. It is so thought provoking that it warrants a second reading to fully grasp all the wisdom David has both discovered himself and shared from the masters.

Kimmie: An amazing inspiring story 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

An amazing inspiring story of true love, life. A book that can be read
over again to remind us that life is truly an adventure.

John: Inspiring book that touches the heart! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

I thoroughly enjoyed The Longest Distance! The story was realistic but the true meaning of the book was the inspiring message on how the character travels physically and spiritually through life to find himself. Any reader can identify with the triumphs and tribulations the main character must endure as he seeks some of life’s most basic (and ultimately toughest) questions. I highly recommend The Longest Distance to anyone who enjoys reading and being challenged to think at the same time.

 Tammi: This book rocks! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

Absolute must read! Like Eat, Pray, Love — only with a man (finally!). The book takes you across the world, raises thoughtful questions, and inspires you to go higher, whatever your beliefs. I loved the masters that showed up throughout. And the main character was a serial conversationalist (which I could identify with). The writing is poetic, witty, mystical at times, and revealing. Messaging too. It spoke to me and made me think about ‘the one thing I came here to know.’ Loved it! Finally, a book from a man that gives us girls hope. Buy it! Read it! Then try not to be moved to, well, move. Jeremy Braddock, you rock!!!

 Daphne Bois5 Star Amazon Rating 150

This is a deeply moving and extremely well-written book about the pursuit of love and happiness. The writer skillfully uses the medium of fictional travel-writing to convey some very poignant and beautiful truths about people and life. It was very easy to lose track of time in the elegant, thoughtful writing. Without spoiling this wonderful book, Jeremy encounters a number of diverse and remarkable characters on his journeys and while he learns about love, we do too. This book beautifully captures the fact that travel isn’t just about geography: one’s spirit travels too, and with every new place, new sight or new friend out universe and our mind expands. Jeremy encounters people from a large number of different backgrounds, but they all teach him something worth learning.
This is a book with a lot of heart.
If you’re looking for a read that carries a depth and wisdom in every page, then you’ve found it.

 Nicholas: Meaningful & Profound 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

First off, this is not a typical read for me. I generally gravitate towards suspense/action/mysteries, but I was recommended this as a good read for someone who is trying to figure out life and decided to give it a try. After reading this book, I have to admit that I found it meaningful, profound, and very relevant. Without giving too much away, if you are someone who is searching for yourself, you may just find some clarity and direction in this book.

 Miok Lee: A Journey Worth Taking – Definitely! 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

Just finished The Longest Distance. Excellent book! The author had such beautiful words to share, and hidden meanings that left me wanting more, from him, from life. I do not read just any books these days. Too much the same, not enough worth remembering. But this book had me hooked from the beginning scene in Africa, left me in some poetic dream state by the end, made me think about love in its many forms. I enjoyed the character, Jeremy Braddock, his conversations within, messages from masters, his choices, consequences; thirst for something more. I have a strong belief in God. I have a stronger connection with the spirit in me thanks to this novel. Well done, Mr.David Scott!

Pennie Mae Cartawick: The Longest Distance

The book truly lives up to its name. The writing is powerful and well written and really captivates an understanding about life’s spiritual and physical elements which prevails hope and inspiration to us all. It certainly gave me a new appreciation about choosing wisely from within my heart using love as the ultimate tool. The thought provoking messages of inspiration and encouragement moved me to a place I can relate too better. The love we crave and the relevance and need we have for it shapes our lives as people. Jeremy struggles to find his inner being and searches for questions about love, life, and God. I believe that God is in us all and if we learn to embrace spirituality in its depth, I think we can all encounter the piece, joy, and fulfillment of what true love can give us all from this life and into the next.
Finding this book during this time of need in my life was a God send, obstacles through every day life just got a whole lot easier. A great author and I hope to read a lot more of his work in the future. Thanks Jeremy.

LHG: You can open this book to any page and find a gold nugget of truth and love 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

I read ‘The Longest Distance’ many times in its various drafts and could always open to any page and find words that struck me as worth thinking about further. The journey keeps us hooked and the meaning in the words ring true. This book leaves us with much to be hopeful for in this current world of mistrust, bigotry, and judgment. A great read worth sharing!!!

Majanka, book blogger,  4 Star Amazon Rating 150

The Longest Distance is an eclectic mix of genres – it’s a spiritual guide, a literary work, a mystery, an adventure, a love story, and a self-help book all in one. Main character Jeremy Braddock is the kind of person I could instantly connect with. We meet him at crossroads in his life. After coming face to face with tragedy, he goes off to search the answers to a series of questions about life, truth, love, and more. This is the start of an adventure spanning all around the globe, the journey of a lifetime.


The story was intriguing, but the real message the book wanted to portray was the most interesting part about the book for me. The writing is descriptive, lyrical, and the story flows well, mostly thanks to the writing. While the main character goes on a real journey, it’s his spiritual journey that offers the most, and that we learn from the most.


I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book, since it falls outside my usual reading niche, but I did. The story never slows down, the writing is solid, and overall, it’s just a good book. Recommended to anyone who has questions about life – and isn’t that just about everyone?

Natalie: A worthy message for all 5 Star Amazon Rating 150

This was a great journey for me to take and had many things for me to learn while on it. This book made me inspired, motivated and ultimately at peace with myself. The main character is quite entertaining and very witty. I highly recommend this book to anyone as it has great messages that are worth taking note of.

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