Why America Needs a Donald Trump

Why America Needs a Donald Trump 250Huffington Post Article:

What are the forces in play that act as precursor to real and meaningful change? Of an individual? A society? A race? Have we ever experienced the impetus for change without a catalyst, one that required of us that we look at us, deeply, thoughtfully?

Rarely in life do we experience the kind of evolutionary leap in consciousness without an agent involved. This agent may come in the form of an event, such as that which shakes us to the core of our being. The premature death of my father provided such for me, 9/11 for so many more. It may come in the form of a person, as well…

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The Essential Skills for Any Century

Essential Skills for Any Century 250Huffington Post Article: 21st century skills. Throughout the world, we are talking about 21st century skills as if these particular skills have found their place in this particular time in the evolution of humanity. For those less familiar, the skills I speak of include: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, adaptability. There are more, but these are generally agreed upon as the skills required to navigate the waters of the 21st century. And they represent more than merely the skills required for this century. These are the essentials skills for any century – including the period currently in play…

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It Tolls for Thee, America

It Tolls for TheeHuffington Post Article:

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main…

Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

John Donne captured in his famous poem made more so by Ernest Hemmingway in novel form, For Whom the Bell Tolls, the matter of life and death, and in essence the grave responsibility that comes with being human – a human being.

Do you hear it, America? Do you hear the sound?

Do you hear the cries from the graves of our forefathers? For we are in…

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Leadership for the Human Age

Huffington Post Article: We define leadership in many ways, many forms. But to what end? This is Leadership for the Human Agethe defining question as we quest for a new era in human beings and human doings – a new age, a Human Age.

Education is evolving. It always has. It always will. Yet how it evolves and to what end it serves will be derived in no small measure by how our leaders in education lead, and how they by this very nature prepare those who will someday…

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Previous Address: Mother Earth

Huffington Post Article:Previous Address: Mother Earth

To Whom It Should Concern,

We, the race known as humanity, have been relocated – evicted really – due to unruly activity here on Mother Earth. The move was rather sudden, although the build up to it took ages. Our landlord was exceptionally patient with our behavior. We were not as kind.

You may likely hear from the neighbors we were anything but neighborly. In just a few short millennia: …

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Schooling Ourselves: The Opening of the American Mind

Schooling Ourselves

Huffington Post Article: What does it mean to be open-minded? We hear this all the time. “You must open your mind.” “Be open-minded.” “Have an open mind.”

To be open-minded is to be receptive to new ideas, opinions, arguments; with impartiality; without prejudice. Simply, to be willing to let go and allow for something else to stream the consciousness.

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The 5 Things We Must Never Forget to Do

5 Things 250 ImageHuffington Post Article: There was once a poet and mystic from Persia by the name of Rumi. His gift to the world lay in the simplicity by which he saw such complexity — with love, life, truth.

Rumi was once quoted as sharing (and since translated by Coleman Barks):

There is one thing you must never forget to do.
If you forget everything else and not this,
there’s nothing left to worry about;
But if you remember everything else and forget this,
then you will have done nothing in your life.
One thing. The one thing. Yet what is this “one thing” he refers to? And how would one know when they have found it?

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When You Travel, Leave Your Baggage Behind

When You Travel croppedHuffington Post Article: When I was a little boy, I used to spin the globe. And wherevermy finger would land, I was destined to someday visit — and have a best friend there. Of this, I was certain. For I had the DNA of an explorer, and nesting was ‘for the birds.’

I have lived my life much in the way I imagined. I am blessed in this regard. From San Francisco to St. Petersburg; Colombia to China; Dubai, Mumbai, and virtually everywhere in between, I have been given the rare opportunity to know humanity through the context of a conversation, the embrace of a smile and sharing in situations, circumstances with others — many others — that have all brought me to the moment of now…

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From Student to Teacher: The Rise of Singapore Education

Singapore vs US Story

Huffington Post Article: How did they do it? How did an island nation of five million peoplebecome one of the elite education systems on the planet? What is their secret, their special formula? What is the Singapore story?

Singapore’s meteoric rise as an education power has been nothing less than remarkable. It has taken just over four decades — slightly more than one generation — to evolve from an essentially illiterate nation with virtually no natural resources to a world-class education system, and a rapidly expanding knowledge economy. There was no magic formula for their rise. In fact, it was …

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Success in the 21st Century: Does Matter Still Matter?

Success in the 21st Century Does Matter Still MatterThe CEO Magazine Article Summary: No regrets. Living one’s purpose. Leaving the world better than you found it. Being versus doing.

Are we prepared for what’s coming – what has already arrived? As a CEO, an entrepreneur, one who has traversed the planet time and again, I have found my life evolving in terms of terms, definitions, means of capturing the true meaning of life beyond physical means. It is the longest distance I have traveled, the one from my mind in its ‘infinite wisdom’ to the source of wisdom itself, my creativity that has fostered my success in the world as a leader, innovator – and most importantly, as a human being…

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