From the Author

David ScottMy name is David Scott. I am a seeker. For what I do not know. Love perhaps. Truth for certain. A conveyor of what is revealed to me as to us all; with my pen as my instrument, and my word as a means of bringing to life the Sound which echoes through the chambers of the heart.

My work in the field of education has offered me passageway to the many places, faces, cast of characters which grace my path and pathway. As if the co-director of my own, independent yet inter-related story, there are those who have co-starred in this theater of the bizarre – if not oh-too-familiar – with others playing bit part in time yet with perfect timing for the messages in their unveiling.

I am a son, a brother, a father, a lover… of so many who have given so much in return. I am a leader, a follower, a seeker of Truth. I know not of what I speak of, yet all of what remains in silence is there for the claiming, my receiving. I play both savant and fool with each movement through thought, word, action. I play all within the playground, the classroom of this realm; and am played in return. The boy in me enjoys such follies; the man in me, the mysteries.

If you are curious to know more of this man who in this life is known as David, then you are not alone. For I too am interested in knowing more, to be revealed to me… in time.

I invite you to join me on my journey, captured through my writing. I believe it a journey worthy of us all; and all worthy of what lies at the end of this transcending rainbow…